Napoleonic Timeline

This is a little work in progress using a very cool API called TimeLine. This timeline represents a quick chronology of 500 events drawn from the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Simply click and drag with your mouse to scroll through the events. Note that there are three timelines below which scroll in unison. The lighter area in each shows the displayed area in the timeline beneath it. You can choose to scroll the uppermost one (decades) for detail and the lower ones (years and weeks) to more rapidly progress through events. To see more about any item in the timeline just click on it. At minimum it will indicate the exact date of the event. In events designated with a ball filled with a cross there is additional information such as an illustration or link to another website. If you double click on the timeline itself, it will begin to scroll automatically. You can also use the cursor keys left and right to navigate the timeline.

Legend: Event in Napoleon’s Life Other Event Battle with Napoleon Present Other Battle

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