A bit of a miscellany, but some of the latest little things that I play with. I realized recently that I seem to be building a bit of a personal collection of maps that I have created for my own use as well as others.

1891 Census District Map for Ontario
This map is the simple basis for my need to track census manuscript data entry which I am carrying out.

Religion Stated in 1851 Census for Residents of Essex County
This map is an experimental presentation of manuscript census declaration of religious affiliation for the townships of Essex County Ontario in 1851.

1841 Settlers’ Map of Central Ontario
This, like many of the other maps is a bit of a random thought…how would the known world of Upper Canada be presented to a settler heading for Ontario in 1841?

1848 Circulation Model of Paris
Modern Circulation Model Paris
These paris maps remains somewhat unfinished, as is the nascent project they are intended for…ohhhh mystery.

For Laurie Jacklin – Body Snatchers of Late Nineteenth Century Ontario

For David Wright –
Irish and Indian Trained Psychiatrists in Canada
Location of State and Private Asylums in the United States, 1850
Asylum Map of Canada and Newfoundland, 1896
Asylum Map of Western Canada, 1911
Asylum Map of the Australian Colonies, 1860
Asylum Map of New Zealand, 1900
Asylum Map of Scotland, 1792-1897
Asylum Map of England and Wales, 1765-1845
Asylum Map of England and Wales, 1845-1860
Asylum Map of Ireland, 1814-1869

With Chris Smith and David Wright – Asylums and Distance Decay
Study Context
First Admissions to Hamilton Asylum by County
Duration of Stay for First Admissions to Hamilton Asylum
Rate of Readmission to Hamilton Asylum
Discharge Rate from Hamilton Asylum
Admissions from Gaols to Hamilton Asylum

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