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About WordPress
Wordpress is a popular Open Source Content Management System (CMS). More information about WordPress can be found at

This site uses a variant of N.Design Studio’s Glossy Blue Theme. I have made some modifications to this theme.

Behind the scenes, I use Steve Smith’s Tiger Style Administration which makes the WordPress administration screens much more fun.

Plug-Ins Used On This Site

Many plug-ins for WordPress are made available at The following plugins are currently installed.

* Akismet – Provides quite decent spam deflection.
* AskApache Google 404 – Provides a far more useful 404 page to the user.
* Blogtimes – Creates a graph of time of day in which new posts are published.
* Google Sitemaps – Automates Google Site Map creation to aid in Google indexing of site content.
* PJW Mime Config – Strangely useful to allow you to twaek mime types to allow for more diverse media uploads to the blog.
* Preview Frame – Gives back, what 2.1 took away…namely a preview frame to see what the post will look like when published.
* Related Posts – Returns a list of the related entries based on active/passive keyword matches.
* Sideblog WordPress Plugin – Allows you to create simple Asides as posts appearing in the sidebar as opposed to the main post stream.
* SparkStats – Automates the creation on the sparkline displayed in the sidebar.
* WordPress Database Backup – Backups WP databases on a recurring basis and mails me the SQL files.
* WordPress Heat Map – Creates a pretty heatmap of category usage and displays as a cloud.
* WP-ContactForm – Provides a contact form for users.
* WP-Stats – Displays a comprehensive set of site statistics.
* TAPoR Word Cloud – Provides a word cloud of word use frequency on any given page.
* Plazes Plug-In – Provides the neat map showing where I am in realtime on the sidebar.

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