shawnwide.jpg Hello. My name is Shawn and I lecture in Digital Arts + Humanities at University College Cork and am currently Head of Department of Digital Humanities. My current research explores how  craft brewers find meaning and identity in the rich socio-cultural terroir of Ireland. Past areas of research have revolved around nineteenth-century Canadian economic, business and social history. You can find out more about this research at shawnday.com which will contains research products and traces. Previous dissertation research explored the role of drink and those who served it in late 19thC Ontario.
In my lecturing,  I explore the adaptation of technology and information visualisation to the pedagogical process. This has found use in analyzing, interpreting and presenting my own academic research but more broadly to share, empower and foster others in their employment of digital means in the arts and humanities. If you do a quick search on visualisation for example, you will find a number of blog articles.

Professionally, I was lucky to be a participant in the dotcom boom as a jack-of-all-trades in co-founded development ventures. Prior to that, I was a self-employed journeyman involved in all aspects of information architecture. I have some history in technology and my main joy in life is catalyzing technology to explore history.

OK. So those ‘well-chosen’ words sound sweet. So what’s the reality…If you would like the formal recitation of facts and figures, you’ll find a Curriculum Vitae online. You can also always get in touch with me by commenting on any of the blog postings here, using the contact form on the right sidebar, or via email at shawn (at) shawnday (dot) com.

Thanks for reading.

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