&A bit of a miscellany, as are the maps, here’s a few of the datasets I am compiling and playing with right now.

I am constantly finding I have to go into the library and manually digitize datasets for my analytical use. After spending hours inputting these tables, my hope is that I can save you from having to do the same in case you can use any of these sets.
All sets are in CSV format and freely downloadable.

I would also note the data visualization services Many Eyes and Swivel where you can apply some stunning visualizations to your data and interact with others doing the same.

Ontario Distilleries and Breweries in 1914
This is a bit of an experimental presentation using the new Exhibit framework from the Simile/SAIL folks. Its a small dataset (55 records), and this one will be more interesting over time, possibly reflecting more efficient transportation or the changing tastes of Ontario drinkers. However, from a data presentation standpoint, the Exhibit framework is very cool, because you can work with this data (filter, views) entirely within your browser. Try clicking on the facets on the right hand side of the page, to turn various towns or types of enterprises off and on. None of the operations are preformed through any calls to the server or to a database. Rather slick. Limited to a lesser number of records, but very cool for those with a few interesting datasets….

Huron County Tavern Keepers 1871
This is also an experimental presentation using the Exhibit framework. Try clicking on some of the facets on the right hand side of the page, to filter the list by various demographic factors.

Canadian Federal Railway Charters

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