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EVY Vision & Mission ‘Connect to Inspire’                                              

Across Europe the demands on healthcare are evolving; we have to deal with an aging population, an increase in people with one or more chronic conditions and rising costs. While our knowledge of the human body increases, ethical dilemmas become more apparent

We believe that if there is any appropriate group to think about the future of healthcare in Europe, it should be young professionals. Not because we have the experience, the networks, the developed competences, but because we have ideas, our future is longer and, even more, the future is ours. We think that transformation and change can go much faster if young professionals get a chance and/or are facilitated to (disruptively) innovate the current healthcare system and prevent them from ‘becoming’ a part of the system first before they are ‘allowed’ to change or influence it!

We believe that there is a great opportunity in connecting young professionals across Europe for developing ideas for the future of healthcare, and to determine already present good practices.

We aim to address the rising dilemmas regarding the future of healthcare in Europe in a broad continuum, creating the momentum to influence national and European policy makers to give consideration to the vision of young professionals.





EVY does three things, ‘Connect, Think and Share’

Connect: EVY connects visionary young professionals on a national level and throughout Europe, both online and offline. Online within a LinkedIn-community, offline in regular meetups and yearly conferences which are part of the connecting activities. By combining the visions of young professionals from different countries, the available knowledge is unique and very insightful for policymakers, on both national and European level.

Think: EVY organizes ‘think tanks’ on a national and international level. Dynamic groups of young professionals with different backgrounds and interests come together to (re)think and – where possible – redesign the future of healthcare. By gathering knowledge and building a network we come up with innovative ideas and approaches, and practice them as we preach. EVY acts like a nursery for bright ideas and (disruptive) innovations.

Share: EVY provides an open source network for sharing knowledge, for inspiration and innovation concerning healthcare across Europe. We do not just want young professionals to be inspired, but foremost, to share our knowledge and inspiration with our employers, policymakers and politicians on all levels, long before we are in the driver’s seat. Therefore, we connect to inspire to (co)create the future of European healthcare.

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