EMPAThIE Synergies & RSCN

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  1. At the eHealth meeting in Athens (May 2015), there was a meeting of the EIP synergies group.
  2. After the B3 meeting in October and the November Montpellier meeting (see post on Empathie News November 1st), there was a first meeting of the pilot collaborative between the RSCN and the Empathie network on Dec. 2nd in Brussels where it was agreed that the group would work towards making a presentation at the EIP Summit next March. Present were representatives of DHSSPS (Northern Ireland), Ageing@Coimbra, Olomouc University (CZ republic), Itaca, Valencia and EHFF. Apologies from Nick Guldemond of Utrecht UMC and George Crooks of NHS24 Scotland.

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