Week 1 – Introduction and Welcome

Action Items this Week

  • Visit the forum and consider what you would like to get out of this module.
  • Choose a journal article to review.
  • Form your own groups and choose a topic that you will research, develop and present to the class later on in the term. Choose a topic and lock in your choice via the Group/Topic signup form.
  • Read the article indicated above for next week’s class.

beginningI hope that you find our first face-to-face meeting congenial and hopefully has excited you about the content that we will explore together. As we are studying Social Computing it certainly seems only natural that we employ the tools and processes that we are studying as a part of our own practice. We are going to learn and see by doing. Your participation is crucial and I hope that what you do here will benefit your performance not only in your other modules but in your work life and next year’s major project.

We are in this together and at all times…be in touch and suggest what you like, don’t like and we will attempt to build this experience together. I will be suggesting topics and items. Feel free to pose your own questions as well.

You will need to register to post on the site, so please click on the Register Button to the left and near the bottom of the page:


I will then accept your chosen username and you will receive a link to set your password. If you have any issues with this (fingers crossed) send me an email at day.shawn@gmail.com. Also, please do check your SPAM folder if you don’t hear back in short order. Certain mail servers will qualify this registration as spam.

To do this I will need you to start (or continue) to use a variety of social media as part of our ongoing engagement. Please either create a new account (or create a new one for the purposes of this course on:

  • Twitter – We will use the hasthtag #tcdcs3107 for purposes of this course.
  • Facebook – We have a Facebook group created at TCD CS3107
  • LinkedIn – We have a LinkedIn group created at TCD CS3107
  • Where else would you like to share as part of this module?

I would encourage participation in many of these media as a normal part of your life. I would also encourage, but not demand, that you use your own existing accounts as part of this course to appreciate the nature of real online engagement. You may well have reasons not to do so, so I encourage you to choose the path that makes sense for you.

Be aware that all of these are public forums and govern yourself accordingly. That’s part of what we are investigating. Be aware.


Here is a copy of the lecture slide deck for 1 – 1 Oct 2015 – Welcome and Intro.

In the future I will continue to post the lecture slide decks on the weekly pages. They should appear before, during or shortly after the lecture itself. Be patient and trust me they will appear.

What is Social Computing All About?

[box style=”info”]I would make one note as a public service: If you are serious about Information Systems (and you indicate a certain degree of interest if not determination by joining this programme) it is important to make the right associations. One suggested membership that you will find valuable is with the Association of Information Systems (AIS). You can join for as low as $6 and I would suggest that this is a huge bargain. Access to their library of research alone is well worth it.[/box]

Please take a read of:

  • Parameswaran, Manoj and Andrew B Whinston. “Social Computing: An Overview.” Communications of the Association for Information Systems 19, no. (2007): 762-780.
  • This will help you approach the question I am posing in the forum.

You may also find pleasure in viewing at your convenience the following video. I like it. Tapscott is fun and engaging (aside from being Canadian 😉

Don Tapscott – The Provocation of Don Tapscott : How to Reboot Business and the World

newOfficeShawnbwDon Tapscott is a Canadian business executive, author, consultant and speaker, specializing in business strategy, innovation, organizational transformation and the role of technology in business and society. Tapscott is chairman of business strategy think tank nGenera Insight, which he founded in 1993. Tapscott is also a member of World Economic Forum and Adjunct Professor of Management at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.


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