Tweeting for Bucks: Datasift Historics

Here’s one to watch: DataSift. We’ve been following this one for awhile and they have just gone public with paid access to historical twitter data (going back two years). They interesting point here is that developers normally have access to the past 30 days, but Twitter now has two historical data partners that mine the larger twittersphere and sell the results to customers. For those of you that wondering how Twitter makes its money…you are all squirming around in a global petri dish exposing all sorts of wonderful bits of information about yourself that social media miners and refiners will pay big bucks for. DataSift is ‘a cloud-computing platform that enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to extract business insights from Twitter’s public Tweets.’ Gnip is the other Twitter data partner and they market themselves as the social media API, providing not just historical access to Twitter data, but also realtime monitoring of enterprise-grade data from Twitter.