Social Media and the Irish Election

As I mentioned I was hoping for a nice sandbox/petri dish to observe modern day politics and the adoption of social media marketing/manipulation. Along comes the election call and it doesn’t take long for some analytics to start to emerge. I highlight today,, which has already done a quick survey of twitter accounts, and Facebook fans and friends for the candidates of record. Ciarán Mc Mahon, the blog author and a lecturer at DBS, refers to a number of studies suggesting that Facebook and Twitter popularity were quite accurate in predicting outcomes of individual races in the US midterm elections. In this FastCompany article, reference made to a study by Facebook that suggest the scientific plausibility of Facebook as a predictive tool. It will be fun to watch changes in the tallys that McMahon is monitoring to see just predicability, but also to see how effectively the various parties harness social media as a tool.

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