Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) Sneaking Through US Senate

3250This one is simply too big to miss and too important to not address. The Guardian has a good summary article (shared by @homankev) Apple, Google and Twitter among 22 tech companies opposing Cisa bill. This goes hand-in-hand with the case that is now being engaged in Irish Courts surrounding FaceBook among others standing accused of sharing just the sort of information that CISA seeks to allow – in direct contravention of the Safe Harbour policy. IS it possible to expect any personal privacy in the digital age?

2 thoughts on “Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) Sneaking Through US Senate”

  1. If the data used by the government was only used to prevent terrorist attacks or any bad things from happening, then by all means, I have nothing to hide!
    Now the issue is that the governments can’t possibly just stop there, there is so much extra information to be gathered and possibly used against its own people…
    With great knowledge comes great responsibilities!

    1. I think the issue I have is the data only being available to governments, with no openness or accountability. If all this information was publicly available, and if who accessed it was also available, then it would be much easier to live with, in principle, if not in practice. You’d know if you’re stalker ex was checking up on you and could take action, or if your house was broken into while you were away you’d know who’d looked at your history. It’d be a fantastic resource for research, and could lead to a more open society. You can’t judge someone for what kind of porn they watch if your history is side by side with theirs and everyone else’s.

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