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    I also use LBS daily. Very handy but I do worry about the security and privacy side of things. One side thinks nobody cares where I am so it is not an issue but you never know when you might be a situation where they do. Its a horrible trade-off in my opinion but its just so hard to give up convenience.



    I think with LB services we have lost the sense of wonder and excitement somehow in the broader sense. I remember going on a road trip 10 years ago through Europe only knowing an approximate destination of where we’re going and having this insanely difficult to use foldable map of Europe. That’s it.. No hotels.com, Airbnb, Google maps and so on. And it was great!! I must say I’ve met people that I would never otherwise would have met and visited places I wouldn’t consider visiting if I had an LB service at my fingertips at the time. You just went with the flow and hoped for the best. To be fair that didn’t turn out very well all the time.. but hey, that’s a road trip for you.

    However, for the practicality, convenience, time and cost saving that LB services provide, I must say I will never revert back to the old ways. Adventures are fun when you’re young and have all the time in the world… I’ll just leave it here 🙂


    Diarmuid Kiernan

    How has your own definition of place or decisions around where to go been changed by LB Services and Technology?

    Personnally I don’t use these location services as I see it as an infringement on my privacy. We have seen in the past were these services have been used to track peoples movement and bombard them with messages about the nearest restaurant or shop.

    I see it as technology trying to take over our lives and telling us were to go and what to buy. I was recently over in spain with a group friends of travelling around by car and when the tomtom stoped working you should have seen the panic in their faces. I went went into the petrol station and bought a map, out of the group i appeared to be the only one that could read it and give directions as to where to. Have we become to reliant on technology for our own good??

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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