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    Week 11 Question – Concerning proactivity and reactivity – can a disembodied corporate entity adopt and manufacture a cohesive online persona?

    I missed the presentation centering around Week 11. Just posting it here to keep us up to date.

    Obviously, just by looking at the topic of that week, the SM Community/File Sharing Management of the Cloud, it will come as no surprise to you all that I would be an advocate of the Social Media Community as a concept. I feel anything that serves to bring people together, in anyway at all, physically or virtually, can only be seen to be a good thing. I must admit also, I never realized the Toms footwear brand carried out that initiative of providing footwear to the less well off, ‘under developed’ countries every time they sold a piece of footwear in a ‘developed’ country. Fascinating! Great advocacy potential straight away.

    I suppose the biggest fear/threat to its very existence would arise from any situation regarding File Sharing Management and what should or should not be made available within this realm. Obviously we’ve discussed a lot on this area in class, and I’m sure you all know my standpoint on it already.

    Just wanted to open the floor to the Question, in case it was missed. Also, apologies if this Question has been started elsewhere, I couldn’t find it.

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    Barry Quirke

    I would say yes, it is possible for a disembodied corporate identity to adopt and manufacture a cohesive on-line persona, but the challenges to ultimate success are significant.

    A crucial success factor would be management buy-in, no buy-in means no budget, no resources and no political will to drive the process. Top management would need to see a business requirement in line with the business plan and a return on investment, otherwise the proposal is dead in the water.

    Assuming buy-in is forthcoming from the management board, a director with overall responsibility for the project should be appointed and act as the principal project sponsor, be accountable and adequately resourced.

    I envisage that the specific tasks involved should include:

    – centralisation of the PR/marketing/on-line community management function, where there would be some chance of controlling the on-line image/message of the business
    – revisions to business processes which direct appropriate/relevant external communications to the centralised function mentioned above
    – a comprehensive awareness training programme which enlightens employees/business partners about who/what/how external communications are to be conducted going forward
    – recruitment/selection of a suitable community/social media manager and team, who know the customers/users/fans/issues/product etc., speak the right language and are respected by them (crucial)
    – choice of SM platform
    – formulation of ‘the message’
    – active management of ‘the message’ and responses to it and to the product/brand made by the on-line community
    – actual fulfilment of what the business says about itself on-line, this is possibly the greatest challenge, for example, if the new on-line corporate persona makes a big deal about quality and after-sales service, but does not deliver on these commitments, then the on-line persona or brand, like the product or brand itself, will not be worth much. Making such a commitment could have extensive consequences, financial and otherwise, and this is where the resolve of top management will be most keenly tested I reckon.



    I believe a business can successfully adopt and manufacture a cohesive online persona. The trick should be the ability to translate company’s philosophy into the online identity. It should tell everything factual about the company.
    People want to hear from genuine companies who are providing a service for the customer’s benefit and not from someone who is pushing their vested interest. Trust is really important in this situation. Trust and honesty flow in an organisation from the top management to the employees. Hence top management is responsible in maintaining the ethos of the company.
    The management should also provide rules and guidelines to employees on how to engage with a customer .Roles should be established within a company so that everyone is aware as to who is responsible, when and how they can engage and what they should and should not do.



    Ultimately it’s all about customer service. I don’t think that an online persona should be any different from a real person that a customer would interact with normally. Social media is just a medium for communication. Although it is quite more far reaching, than face to face communication.

    The bigger question is can a disembodied corporate entity have good customer service? If yes, then creating an online persona shouldn’t be that difficult, since they already think about the customer.


    Diarmuid Kiernan

    Week 11 Question – Concerning proactivity and reactivity – can a disembodied corporate entity adopt and manufacture a cohesive online persona?

    Social Media enables people to adopt a different persona on line so it’s not surprising that corporations would use social media to do likewise. Any business that goes down this road is obviously in trouble. The corporation needs to look at the management within the organisation to see where problem lies. Training courses could be run to encourage people to work together as a team towards a common goal. The Business Plan and the Strategic Plan also needs to be looked at to see if they are realistic. Advertising and Marketing campaigns could be run to improve the corporations presence in the market place and build the consumers confidence in their products. Adopting a different persona online could damage the comapanies reputation.

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