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    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a bit of a cynic towards Social Networking, to the point where I decided to close my Facebook account, I found it a place for people to flaunt/fabricate their lives. This module has reinvigorated my interest in Social Networking, I would hope to get a better insight into the psyche of people who are “serial posters” on Social Networking platforms. Also, how can Social Networking help people? I would also like to get a better perspective from a business point of view. How can it help a business grow?



    I would like to take a better understanding of the many effects social computing has on society as a whole. How it can be used as a powerful platform to empower and also destroy.

    I also want to take a greater understanding of how social computing and to a degree, how social media can be used as a powerful tool in business.


    Diarmuid Kiernan

    (1) I don’t use Social media all that much so I hope to get a better understanding of it and why so many people are addicted to Facebook, twitter and other forms of social media.

    (2) From this course I also hope to get a better understanding of the advantages and the harm effects it appears to be having on peoples health in general.



    I rarely use social media other than private groups etc. As a result this course will be valuable to me in that it will force me to go into the belly of the beast as such allowing me to see what its like from a regular users’ point of view.

    I am looking:

    (1) to develop a better understanding social media’s place in the world in order to form an idea of where it is headed.

    (2) to be more aware of how best to manage social media for businesses in a safe manner so as to not make the mistake of generating negative PR.



    1. To find out if there is a social media out there that doesn’t conform to the generic template of “this is what I did” or “look what I am doing now”. I know one exists, its just that there are so many out there that seem similar, I am hoping to find the one that sticks out from the crowd.
    2. To better understand them in general. There are obvious pros and cons to them. I want to learn them and future proof myself to them, even when they inevitably evolve, for when my own kids get older.



    I would hope for a few things:

    1. To gain a better insight into the psychology of social media and the mindset behind the main forces that drive it.

    2. How to use social media and social computing in a more useful way rather than “liking” stuff on facebook or following people on twitter which would benefit me both personally and professionally.

    3. To learn about developments into what the future holds for social media, learn more about social media trends and the potential uses in the commercial world for the everyday user who isnt a teenager/person in their early 20s.


    Diarmuid Kiernan

    (1)What I would like to take from this course is why people are so addicted to social media. It seems to me everywhere you go people are just tapping away on their phones and iPads without any interaction with one another. This must have an impact on people’s social skills.

    (2) I would also like to learn how to use social media for work purposes.



    Well did everyone get what they were looking for 🙂 ? I have to say I got alot from it and enjoyed it alot.



    looking back at the question. I was just looking forward to under stand more about social media (I wasn’t active on it for more than 3 years). I learned a lot more than just about social media.

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