Turning the City Beta

I stumbled upon the new dublincitybeta when I was bumbling about and saw a related tweet.  The intent as their twitter bio states: “We’re trying out a new way of testing ideas directly on the street…we’re calling them @DubCityCouncil Beta Projects. – a new approach by Dublin City Council to experiment, innovate and quickly test ideas directly ‘on the street’…but above all, to ask you for your opinion!” Check out the website and the first beta project to turn traffic light boxes into fori for public expression. They are reaching out to the public by employing social media and encouraging discourse … more significantly and excitingly they have chosen a ‘beta zone’ and opening it up to the same experimentation. I like the ‘let’s just try it and see what happens approach’ … let’s see if we can all stumble upon something great here.

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