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Getting Back to How we Share Public Data

I am very impressed with a Norwegian initiative called the ‘Data Hotel‘. It’s an EU funded approach to providing the mechanism and the standards to make data from public sector agencies freely available. It addresses one of the key challenges to organizations today – not that they don’t want to share – simply that they lack the tools and resources to do it with increasingly depleted resources. Enter the Data Hotel. It embraces all the right open access standards, not just for the data itself, but in terms of open source software. Continue reading Getting Back to How we Share Public Data

10 Ways to Leverage FourSquare

10 Ways to get more out of fourquare. This is an interesting set of pointers to some ways in which FourSquare Locational Services are being extended in some innovative ways. FourSquare, much like the Gowalla case study from lecture, is being increasingly used as part of marketing campaigns and possibly even more mass- useful as a recommender service. Take a quick look – it’s a good read. Simple suggestions on lifelogging, touring, or fundraising are among the various uses demonstrated. The ways in which people take a service and build on it are examples of how the power of the user exerts  tremendous creative impetus in the marketplace.