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Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (Cisa) Sneaking Through US Senate

3250This one is simply too big to miss and too important to not address. The Guardian has a good summary article (shared by @homankev) Apple, Google and Twitter among 22 tech companies opposing Cisa bill. This goes hand-in-hand with the case that is now being engaged in Irish Courts surrounding FaceBook among others standing accused of sharing just the sort of information that CISA seeks to allow – in direct contravention of the Safe Harbour policy. IS it possible to expect any personal privacy in the digital age?

Who’s Responsible for Online Comments?

Screenshot 2013-10-12 12.11.07There was a rather important finding in the EU Court of Human Rights yesterday that caught my eye. In a precedent setting finding, the court found the owners of Delfi, an Estonian news-site provider, were liable for comments posted to the site by outraged customers of Leedo – an Estonian ferry provider in the process of reducing the routes it provided to Estonian islands. The vituperative comments were directed at the ferry service provider, by way of the news providers website and were considered offensive by the court.
The nature of libel via the Internet remains a contentious area and this finding further increases the responsibility on providers to censor their feeds – raising issues around EU freedom of expression rights.
The original articles appeared throughout Europe in 2006. Continue reading Who’s Responsible for Online Comments?

Apps to Support Election Transparency

The big question is though: will they actually make a positive contribution to the process or outcome? According to this article in the most recent edition of the Economist, Yandex (Russia’s largest search engine provider) and Yabloko (one of the opposition parties) have each commissioned and deployed iOS apps to allow for casual monitoring of possible election fraud and have agreed to pool their results. In addition, the Russian electoral commission has also deployed web cams in a majority of the polling stations in an attempt to respond to accusation soy widespread fraud in the run up elections. But will they work? Will we see the data and in the end will it have impact were it to substantiate claims? Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.