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The Shift from Smart Selling to Smart Buying

I was frustrated last week when listening to a so-called ‘marketing expert’ on newstalk radio. Speaking with George Hook he made what I felt was an outrageous claim that ‘social media just doesn’t work for small and medium business.’ Sure the hook got me, and I gave him my attention – there are aspects of SM that certainly challenge existing business practices, but the rather blatant ‘doesn’t work’ claim seemed shockingly naive. It works in many contexts as any thinking individual would realise but this chap actually dismisses it out of hand – and is getting paid good bucks for making the claim. Seriously. The unmitigated gall and smug delivery – feel my outrage. Continue reading The Shift from Smart Selling to Smart Buying

You’re the product being sold…

In light of Google’s new privacy policy that comes into effect today, I happened across a rather telling Mozilla plug-in called Collusion. Basically it tracks how you are being tracked and visually displays the tracking services that are being pinged when you visit a site. It maps the known data capture agents (identified by privacy and also indicates others that are not identified but could well be collecting data on you. Want a quick wake up call on how exposed you are when you are browsing…give it a quick try. I visited a quick handful of my top 10 sites and very shortly spawned a lovely rosette of traces.

ps. the title quotes from Andrew Lewis: ‘If you’re not paying for something; you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold.’

Social Recruiting: A New Industry Concept

Well, if we think about if for a second it’s not so new, but clearly the magnitude and automation of a traditional process is being radically altered by the burgeoning social media space. The Social Recruiting Activity Report by Bullhorn Reach (a social media  recruitment firm ) reinforces some distinct characteristics of this space as they look at the three industry leaders. Perhaps not unsurprisingly LinkedIn is far in front in this space, followed by Facebook and Twitter. However, what is perhaps a little more thought provoking is why a Twitter follower is almost three times more likely to apply to a job than a LinkedIn connection, and more than eight times more likely to apply than a Facebook follower. Tech Crunch wonders whether this suggests that Twitter might be a highly underutilized social recruiting channel.

Turning Google into Facebook

At least that’s the claim from startup Wavii which is offering early access and taking names to join the beta programme. The premise behind Wavii seems to combining some of the aspects of Google Plus with a greater automation of content agregation which is available for sharing and discussion. Worth taking a look at and waiting for it to become more widely open. More information is available in this TechCrunch article.