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Turning the City Beta

I stumbled upon the new dublincitybeta when I was bumbling about and saw a related tweet.  The intent as their twitter bio states: “We’re trying out a new way of testing ideas directly on the street…we’re calling them @DubCityCouncil Beta Projects. – a new approach by Dublin City Council to experiment, innovate and quickly test ideas directly ‘on the street’…but above all, to ask you for your opinion!” Check out the website and the first beta project to turn traffic light boxes into fori for public expression. They are reaching out to the public by employing social media and encouraging discourse … more significantly and excitingly they have chosen a ‘beta zone’ and opening it up to the same experimentation. I like the ‘let’s just try it and see what happens approach’ … let’s see if we can all stumble upon something great here.

Social Recruiting: A New Industry Concept

Well, if we think about if for a second it’s not so new, but clearly the magnitude and automation of a traditional process is being radically altered by the burgeoning social media space. The Social Recruiting Activity Report by Bullhorn Reach (a social media  recruitment firm ) reinforces some distinct characteristics of this space as they look at the three industry leaders. Perhaps not unsurprisingly LinkedIn is far in front in this space, followed by Facebook and Twitter. However, what is perhaps a little more thought provoking is why a Twitter follower is almost three times more likely to apply to a job than a LinkedIn connection, and more than eight times more likely to apply than a Facebook follower. Tech Crunch wonders whether this suggests that Twitter might be a highly underutilized social recruiting channel.

Turning Google into Facebook

At least that’s the claim from startup Wavii which is offering early access and taking names to join the beta programme. The premise behind Wavii seems to combining some of the aspects of Google Plus with a greater automation of content agregation which is available for sharing and discussion. Worth taking a look at and waiting for it to become more widely open. More information is available in this TechCrunch article.

Citizens in a Mapped and Map-Driven Society

This thoughtful piece from the BMW Guggenheim Lab Blog discusses the way in which participatory cartography is changing the way in which we perceive our cities. Christine McLaren argues in New cartographers: How citizen mapmakers are changing the story of our lives that the popular availability of open data about social use of space is gaining widespread popular appeal and altering the way in which we interact with place and with others through location.

Igniting Change: Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Here’s a great example of how social computing can serve Ireland. Social Entrepreneurs Ireland supports and publicizes unique and worthy initiatives that make social change happen. They are currently looking for applications for their 2012 programme. They challenge people to stop ranting about the social and environmental challenges facing Ireland, to step up and with their support make a change. Check it out. In a perfect world, I’d challenge you each to come up with your own idea on how to harness social computing and social media and enter it in their contest to get some funding. Any takers?

10 Ways to Leverage FourSquare

10 Ways to get more out of fourquare. This is an interesting set of pointers to some ways in which FourSquare Locational Services are being extended in some innovative ways. FourSquare, much like the Gowalla case study from lecture, is being increasingly used as part of marketing campaigns and possibly even more mass- useful as a recommender service. Take a quick look – it’s a good read. Simple suggestions on lifelogging, touring, or fundraising are among the various uses demonstrated. The ways in which people take a service and build on it are examples of how the power of the user exerts  tremendous creative impetus in the marketplace.