Urban Information via the Green Band

Salon has an interesting look at the impact of a pilot project in Paris (CityPulse) that distributed 100 sensor wristbands and tracked a variety of environmental factors as well as paths taken over the space of a year. Part of the Smart Cities initiatives that emerging worldwide and aided by IBM and Cisco among other corporate players, these programmes demonstrate the potential for a touted €16B annual market. It’s about making people and things digitally aware and networked. It’s not just citizens, but things as mundane as trash receptacles, or street lights that can not only be controlled, but act as urban sensors. In the Parisian example, data was collected via the sensor, shared via bluetooth in the participants mobile device and then compiled and visualized to present new ways of seeing the urban surround. Would love to be able to play a bit with that date set and the cool visualisation tools created for it.
Take away quote: “The city is already smart,” says Adam Greenfield (managing director of Urban Scale, an urban-technology consultancy). “The intelligence is just bound up in the actions and behaviors of its users.”If we harness that intelligence, we win.”

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