Seriously Social Computing

wefeelfineWe feel fine has been mining the social web for emotions since 2005. Or so says their website. They have been coming up with some rather impressive models to do semantic mining … if this isn’t applied social computing … what is it?

What are the implications of being able to gauge moods through a variety of social media and connect these with other social and demographic phenomenon is not radically new, these folks have a rather solid and proven way of accomplishing it. I will admit some challenges in using their java-based applet, the concept is there. I highly recommend checking out this straightforward discussion paper – We Feel Fine and Searching the Emotional Web.

What do you think? What are the implications of the automated mining of emotions? Do social media really give a clear indicator? How can this be used?

3 thoughts on “Seriously Social Computing”

  1. To be honest I skimmed through this giving the limited time and the additional pressure of assignments. I felt after reading the third page that it was more relevant for people in the phsychological field than for information systems students. I never realised there could be so many emoticons and over 10,000 different feelings – I think its probably getting too in depth. I like to keep it simple with a happy face, a smiley face, the thumbs up or the thumbs doen. I do agree they help communicate how you are feeling, however, I think they should be used wisely…..

  2. “A mission to gather world emotions”, but in reality only the emotions of people who have access to the web, enjoy social media, and prepared to declare how they feel with specific words. I also wonder if certain emotions experienced by people will prompt an urgency to post their feelings on line, including the patient shown in hospital.

  3. I think this is quite interesting however my fear would be how this data could be used particularly by advertising companies. Just imagine the targeted marketing based on what your mood is……

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