Placeraider and Virtual Theft

In the past we have had websites and services such as that attempted to alert the public to the ways in which greater online and social media vigilance is required to protect ourselves. Recent studies have pointed out vulnerabilities and the potential for malware to snoop on spoken credit card numbers or to capture keystrokes tapped on the screen. Now we have a fascinating and scary paper published at Cornell exploring the ways in which augmented reality on smartphones is being employed to maliciously use the camera and other sensors to create a surreptitious virtual picture of your physical enviromnment enabling others to virtually steal financial documents or snoop informatoon displayed on computer screens. They demonstrate an application called PlaceRaider that conducts remote reconnaisance and also suggest ways that we can protect ourselves from such a  threat.

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  1. Yup this was pretty much the item I was mentioning last week in the class whereby the phone itself could be used to take a 3d map of the environment.

    “The troubling aspect of PlaceRaider’s experitise lies not only in its ability of taking photos of your surrounding through your Android smartphone, but it uploads the pics to a central server where they’re knitted together to a form a 3D representation of a person’s room or office layout”

    The US Navy are involved with this research.

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