Not Making Millions But Still Making History

Screenshot 2015-10-21 16.19.40Were you aware that ‘Jimmy Wales in *not* an internet Billionaire‘? Probably, yes? There’s an interesting read in the the NYT Magazine back in 2013, that may be slightly germane to our wider discussion of user generated content (UGC) and questions about why we might do things for no apparent short term financial gain. This article is written in a popular style and muses about his personal life and his relationships, but within you may suss out a bit about the nature of Wikipedia, and about the strange dictatorship that the vehicle has become. I often show Wales 2005 TED talk. It is quite good. In it he gives a glimpse of where Wikipedia is, attempting to dispel the sense that it is engineered and manipulated behind the scenes – painting instead a picture of user-driven  innovation. The truth is probably somewhere in between (the references he makes to himself and his role are honest and realistic).

Now I must be off to find the Wikipedia Movie: Truth in Numbers (I hope Richard Stallman will forgive me for that link and its service) and see what it might reveal.

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