New EU-Wide Patent System Ratified by European Parliament

The EU-Parliament passed new legislation (which still requires national ratification by member states) that unifies and radically cuts the cost of obtaining full patent coverage throughout the EU by patent seekers. More details are available from ITWorld. It’s good news for inventors, but how does this impact on innovation given the current litigious environment? The Apple-Samsung ongoing battle is the case in point to consider.

One thought on “New EU-Wide Patent System Ratified by European Parliament”

  1. I think this is a step in the right direction – having researched patents for a law assignment it can be confusing researching the patents of different countries. To ensure you are not infringing intellectual property rights as an inventor, it is crucial to have easy access to patents so that you know your invention is entirely unique. However, this information can then be publicly accessed by many other and therein lies the risk of lawful intellectual property exploitation, bearing in mind that two patents can lawfully be combined so long as there is an inventive step that would not necessarily be obvious to a person who is expert in that field.

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