MindMixer Helps Citizens Engage With Their Communities

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.27.22“One of the biggest roadblocks to implementing local community ideas is finding resources in city government or local organizations who might be able to help. More importantly, how can you involve like-minded individuals in the discussion? A new type of civic engagement platform – like MindMixer – can help. MindMixer is in essence a “virtual town hall,” a community forum where constituents can meet to discuss issues and share ideas. (Here’s an overview of how MindMixer works.)”

5 thoughts on “MindMixer Helps Citizens Engage With Their Communities”

  1. Looks like an great concept from what I’ve read. I would like to see it in action. There is an interesting piece on reducing the costs of public meetings (see: http://tinyurl.com/cm5gkhj). Certainly their figures, taken at face value, indicate some great savings. One thing that does concern me is the exclusion of certain demographics (elderly, not so technically literate, etc.) Also, I’m not sure if tools like this can really replace group face to face debate on issues. I know the tools provide the function but I just don’t know if they’re as effective…..

  2. At a philosophical level, think this idea might have merit but in practical terms not sure how it will roll out, especially in Ireland. My local council really take their time responding to written correspondence and have only just discovered twitter!

  3. I’m not sure Mind Mixer would catch on. I think it might be hot for a few months, then slowly fade back into obscurity.

    I think there was a similar attempt some years back, a town in the US, can’t remember which, setup a city hall inside Second Life. I can’t find much on it through Google unfortunately, maybe a sign that it wasn’t a huge success 🙂

    Also a similar stunt was pulled in Canada:


  4. I only wish a tool like this was available when I worked in Minister Seamus Brennans constituency office. However, this well liked politician was a firm believer in the personal touch which worked so well with many of his constituents. He wrote letters with a mont blanc pen and today his letters are cherished by many of his constituents who I meet still from time to time. I’m not sure a virtual town hall would have the same effect but it would be good for crisis issues within a constituency

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