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govieThis probably deserves some good comparative study (not just variety and access to government services but also quality of services available), but it is good to see an evolving comprehensive spot to access eGovernment services in Ireland. There’s comparable services out there with similar pointers, but this is a positive direction for officialdom here. The online services directory is simple and straightforward and soliciting user input to aggregate access to available services. I like the crowdsourced audit but wonder about the balance between coordinating access and a means to coordinate an effective delivery.

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  1. I like this website. It is really simple and very user friendly. It encapsulates everything on the one page. It seeks user feedback, which alot more sites should seek. Its a great idea

  2. Anything progressive from the government is surprising and welcome. I’m amazed to see all these links joined up in one place. Government departments don’t have a great history of talking to each other.

    Some interesting sites listed which I didn’t know existed. Very useful.

    1. As an employee of one of the listed venerable institutions – ๐Ÿ˜‰ – it’s less proof of joined up thinking than it is an alphabetized list of govt services.

      One would need to know (roughly) where they should be looking to find an answer to their question, however. But increasing knowledge of this portal is a step in the right direction. I can’t imagine that it’ll be too long before the portal link finds its way to the footer in TD and Councillor snail mail shots and leaflets.

      1. If you put in tax in the search bar you will get to links quicker than on revenue. Its definitely a step in the right direction. They are seeking feedback which is great. They don’t have them all – i’ve emailed them some they should have added. I reckon they will use this as a shared services approach which is where the government is heading. Rather than contacting the masses of quangos and government departments, this may become a web based portal where all citizens can do their government transactions. I think its a start and may be a great way of cutting down the middle man (or not!).

  3. Looks like a great one stop resourse for Gov services. Where else could you file a small claim and buy a salt bin at the same place? Maybe they should get into retail more as a means of generating revenue? I think they should replace the phrase “Complain about xxxx” to “Report xxxx” if they are serious about this role. Comparison facilities do seem a bit light weight as commented.

  4. It’s a directory of links, Jimmi? A one stop shop if you need to get something done like paying motor tax, look to file a small claim as Gary said, or buy a salt bin. It points you in the right direction. I think it’s a good idea, but i wouldn’t have known about it unless i read this posting from Shawn. It’s frustrating that they don’t advertise this page or these types of pages more. After all it saves needless phonecalls/emails having to be made to whichever service you require asking how something can be done.

  5. Alan I agree with you government bodies do very little to raise awareness of services available to the public. Maybe a poster or a quick advert before the 6 o clock news would do the trick. I think the website has potential although I don’t think it is very user friendly. As Brian mentioned you would kind of need to know where you were going to look. I think lists are generally a bad idea on webpages maybe a more accessible approach would be to group the services by gov departments or similar services.

  6. Good initiative. It might have made more sense to categorise the different links together into groups due to the sheer volume but I guess the search option negates this to some extent.

  7. I think the site is a good step towards informing citizens of the services and information available. The structure or method of delivery is questionable, im not sure a long list of alphabetically sorted links is the best way to present the information. Perhaps if the site was more interactive or had a drill down structure to navigate through the information, it would be more useful. presents a lot of useful information to citizens in a good format. If a person knows what they are looking for, they may find the information presented on this site faster through a Google search. If someone wants to browse information about services/information available, the site may be useful.

    I came across a blogger who prepared a professional review of the Irish E-Government Website. He had the following comments to make:

    “I carried out my review from the perspective of a third party wishing to compare Irish progress in rolling out e-Government services with that of other countries. What I discovered was an alarming amount of missing content, out-of-date information and broken links with no central overview of Irish e-Government initiatives.

    In my opinion, there is a pressing need for a review to be carried out with a view to improving the content of the sites and properly maintaining them thereafter. The existing sites can be made to function in a way that will attract more users and create a better public perception.”

    A full review of the site is available here:

  8. Yeah I echo whats been said by the rest of the class this is a great start from government having so many useful links in one place and there’s a option to get them to add extra sites as well. OK the site is not very flashy but maybe that’s so it will load on multiple devices, I loaded it on my htc phone and the links loaded fine and it didn’t take to long to load up either. I’ve already booked marked this site as I know I’ll need to access one of the useful links in the future.

  9. It is certainly a move in the right, and now more that ever there needs to be a process that engages citizens. With IMF intervention and austerity, everyone is feeling disenfranchised and to counter this the above website is a first step in restoring citizen empowerment. To prevent us heading down the road of being a Plutocracy, it is essential that the citizens feel that access to government services and power are user friendly and more importantly interactive.

  10. I wholeheartedly agree with everything thatโ€™s been said, but my problem with this sort of websites is that every time I use them, the only link I really really need is never there (or itโ€™s broken). Iโ€™m sure Mr. Murphy has formulated it in a cooler way than me ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. it is basically an index or directory of services…would be a lot more user friendly if they grouped related items but i too was surprised by the sheer number of options that are available – a step in right direction but needs a lot of work…

  12. I agree this is a step in the right direction. However my fear is that like many other government initiatives in the past this will be let down by departments not taking ownership or responsibility for updating their content and services provided.

  13. I agree with the above comments it is a very good one stop shop for the different government services, maybe now I can finally throw away my copy of the golden pages which up to now was probably the best all in one source of information for the various government departments and their phone numbers and addresses etc.

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