Hiring, Firing and the Evolving Organisation

I happened across this interesting article reporting on a conversation with Cindy Alvarez, Director of User Experience at Yammer. For whatever reason I found it short, pithy and well worth regarding. Anyone that has gone through the start-up experience will probably find it familiar. She refers to Five Types of People I Should Have Fired Sooner, and I wonder whether anyone else might share experience of anyone of these types. One of the interesting things I find in all the types is the sense that organisations are evolving entities (something we all know – but oft need be reminded of). In many cases what was once a good hire has become a bad hire – something that indeed even holds true for founders themselves. How can organisations adapt to identify these traits as they emerge? Is firing always the only alternative? I realise that it makes for a fine title and keep the article straightforward and approachable – but what alternatives exist? Worth a quick read.

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