Exploring the Value of Embedded Activity Streams in the Enterprise

Microsoft has announced this week that it is embedding the recently acquired Yammer into its Sharepoint and Office 365 products. The last two years have seen the rise of salesforce.com’s Chatter and Tibco’s Tibr. The addition of Yammer to Microsoft’s products follows this trend and emphasises a growing belief that there is value to attempting to tap into informal knowledge exchange in the enterprise. Collabouration is the oft cited example of the benefit, but the lack of metrics to measure impact and the argument of excessive static enliven the discussion.

This short interview from Alex Williams of TechCrunch with the founder of Siasto attempt to clarify how they see the rewards of the embedded activity stream benefiting the customer. In a nutshell, there are 5 specific benefits identified:

  1. In larger teams embedded activity streams provide an easier way to see the larger picture (if you can filter the static);
  2. The amount of friction is reduced when users checking to see what is happening in a project (greater transparency?);
  3. Internal email gets removed and placed in the activity stream (enhanced context?);
  4. The passive user can casually observe projects without having to get involved (informed consumption);
  5. Activity streams provide a lightweight way to collaborate (this requires ellabouration).

Check out the article for more information.

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  1. i read the blurb here and then totally did not want to or feel inclined to click the link, so i didn’t!
    just wish these articles were written in clear English ” embedded activity streams ” ????

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