DailWatch Looks Promising

Launching on 11 October, DailWatch promises to be a two way street allowing citizens to keep tabs on what their TDs are up to as well as allowing TD’s to guage the pulse of their constituents. Definitely a space to watch. There are a variety of places that attempt to provide a means for Irish resident’s to rant, to express their concerns and you can of course go to oireachtas.ie to search databases to see what hansard can tell you about what’s actually going on behind the scenes. I have been a subscriber to custom feeds from Kildarestreet.com allowing you to get transcripts whenever selected TD’s or Senator’s appear on record. Here is an opportunity to marry both sides of the street and I for one am looking forward to seeing what transpires. You can also follow @dailwatch for updates.

5 thoughts on “DailWatch Looks Promising”

    1. So they got around to installing Drupal and have removed the install.php anyways.

      Good idea but I wonder how many TDs will actually respond to questions.
      “Each TD has his or her own profile on the website. At the bottom of his or her profile, you will find a box where you can submit your question”.

  1. Glad to see they are moving along.
    Swing it around and consider whether any will see it as an additional communication vehicle that might be of use – be interesting to see. Experiment in progress.

  2. Having worked in politics for 6 years I did not know this even existed. I think they need to promote it more or make the general public aware of it. It is great but the TDs that are on twitter seem to be more effective.

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