3 thoughts on “Buy Buttons on YouTube and Twitter – Commerce wades further into the social”

  1. People in general are getting better at tuning out ads in pages anyway (https://moz.com/blog/eye-tracking-in-2014-how-users-view-and-interact-with-todays-google-serps)

    Having a buy now button makes impulse buying easier, and allows for referral/affiliate kickbacks to the site or user who convinced you to buy. In essence the entire unboxing video or ‘got my new mix’ tweet is the ad, and you don’t want the user going back to amazon or google directly to find where to buy when you’ve just pushed them over the line into a confirmed purchase.

  2. Social selling was always present. Remember asking friends and family for their opinion before making up my mind to buy something. What has changed is the mindset with new metrics, new strategies and new approaches.
    As for these sites are just trying a new way of revenue generation

  3. It’s no big deal provided it’s not just the tip of the iceberg. I’d hate if twitter turned into some garish e-commerce platform. Good luck to twitter if it can make quick buck from this without turning the platform into something awful. What’s not clear is how tweets trying to sell me stuff would appear in my timeline? Are they injected in based on followers, activity & wot-not or do you need to be specifically following some stuff. If the former then I guess their “recommendor” algorthim would need to be well trained. I’d be rather miffed if that “Would you like to Buy this bright pink Fanny Pack?” tweet showed up on my feed!

    Interesting to see how many people buy stuff using the twitter buy button. I’d hazard it would be very low.

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