Participation in Social Media Discussion

This module is delivered in a ‘blended learning’ mode. The basically boils down to my belief that you will learn as much from personal discovery and from your peers based on your own shared experience as you will from listening to my lectures on set topics. As such I expect that at least 50% of your time will be dedicated to participating and interacting with one another (and me) on a variety of social media vehicles (especially appropriate given the topics in our study).

As such, 40% of your term assessment will come from your contributions to the Blogs, Twitter and Forums. I will evaluate these based on the nature of your contribution. This will be measured as much by your consistent engagement as by the quantity of your engagement. I will look at the originality of your posts, the reaction that they get (i.e. discussion they spark) and your own interaction with your peers.

Please consider discussing weekly lecture topics, topics introduced in the group presentations or any aspects that you think might be of value and interest to your peers in this module.

I have identified the following as specific social media touchpoints for this course (but am always open top suggestions):

Please note that although I will ask that you all consider engaging in social media that you may not have done so in the past, I cannot mandate this. I would ask that you do have an open mind however and for the purposes of this module experiment and possibly step outside your own comfort zone. That being said, I do understand that social media is very personal and that there are also mitigating circumstances for not joining all modes that I ask. As such I expect to measure you across 3 or the four mentioned above. Please advise me if your identification on such media is not personally identifying so that I can monitor your participation.

If you have any questions about this, do be in touch with me directly at

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