Journal Article Review

This assignment will ask you to analyse a learned discourse, summarise it and present your own thoughts about its contribution and relevance to the field of Social Computing.

The first step is to identify an article from the bibliography provided that you would like to work with. This will hopefully be something you find some interest in or would like to learn more about.

**If you want to review an article not listed in the bibliography, please email and receive permission from me first (very happy to consider).**

The review should be of no more than 1000 words and will address the following aspects:

  1. Your précis of author’s argument;
  2. An explanation of the issue being addressed / The question being asked / The larger area of investigation;
  3. Situation of this article into the research ecosystem – i.e. referenced and related articles and arguments – how is it relevant to research strands;
  4. Your appreciation of how well the author achieves his/her objectives;
  5. Questions that remain in your mind after reading and considering the article.

Note: the existence of 5 separate aspects to this review and attempt to address all of them. The précis should be just that – a short synopsis and should not be the main focus of your review.

Please post this review to the forum section as a new topic by 5 November 2015.

You will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • 25%: Academic / Professionalism
  • 25%: Depth of Thought / Consideration of How it is Related to Larger Module Issues in the blogs and forums
  • 25%: Thoughtfulness of Conclusions
  • 25%: Adherence to Structure/Grammar

Note that you are posting this in a public forum. Please author it accordingly.

Bonus :  Here is my review of the article on Social Computing that we all read for the first week. It is brief (slightly light) but should give you an idea of what I am looking for. This review would get a grade of 20/13/19/22 = 74/100 = 15.2 marks.

The intention of this assignment is to appreciate the nature of academic evaluation of articles by doing. In that light what I am requesting of you is to put yourself into the role of professional reviewer and see the journal article from the publisher’s perspective. Your first stop should be to visit this page from the Journal of Marriage and Family. It provides a series of very valuable questions to ask to get a perspective on how effectively the journal article has been constructed and delivered.

This article from the Academic Skills & Learning Centre from the ANU is also a quite straightforward yet thorough guide to completing the type of journal review assignment I am looking for.

Another source of valuable information is the University of Alberta guide which offers a series of useful steps and a typology for analysis.

The review is due to be posted to the Completed Review Forum as a new topic by the date indicated on the Module Agenda.

This review will be graded using the above criteria.

Late Submission Penalties for Assignments

In case of documented illness during the module and with regard to deadlines for evaluation, you are expected to notify me in advance should you be unable to meet a deadline. Cases will be dealt with individually.

Without a doctors note, late submissions will incur a 2 point reduction per day until they are submitted.

Reviews posted after 5 November will have 2 points deducted for each 24 period past that time. For example, a day late will be graded out of 18 rather than 20.

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