1. EHFF, with the network’s agreement, applied on their behalf to the second call for engagement in the EIP on AHA in February 2013, to join the B3 Action group on integrated care, where patient empowerment (AA6) was one of the subgroup. The bid was accepted and the network, represented by a small number of its members, has regularly attended B3 meetings from June 2013 onwards.
  2. During the latter part of 2013 the network gathered together 22 examples of good practice across 6/7 countries and submitted them to the EIP good practice database.
  3. Meanwhile, at the EIP partners conference in November 2013, there was discussion between EHFF and Nick Guldemond of UMC Utrecht, who leads the A2 (falls prevention) group, about the possibility of a transverse collaboration on patient empowerment across the EIP and as a result, at the ICIC conference in April 2014, it was agreed with Commission officials that Nick and David Somekh could run a parallel workshop on patient empowerment at the eHealth meeting in Athens the next month.
  4. At the Athens conference the seminar was attended by members of the B3 group (DH, FA and CV), George Crooks, lead for B3 and Brian O’Connor of ECHAlliance contributed, and also present was a representative of DG Connect. A report of that meeting was produced by the beginning of July, was circulated among the seminar members and was posted on the EHFF website on July 24th.
  5. Patient empowerment research workshop Brussels Jan. 27th. Several Empathie network members attended this meeting (for agenda see here), including Kaisa from EPF, Francesca Avolio and Cecilia Vera. Brief minutes are attached (click here).
  6. Empathie Network update: B3 Action Group meeting Nov.19 Brussels, EHFF and EMPATHiE Network partners bid for Synergies project (upcoming Synergies taskforce meeting Montpellier Dec.7) and upcoming Partners Forum Dec.9/10.

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